Diseñador Gráfico Freelance diseño y creacion de personaje autorretrato
¡Hola! ¡G´day! ¡Iorana!

My name is Ruth Rivero and I am an Engineer. Yes! I studied Engineering in Digital Graphic Design at Itesus University.  I was born in the beautiful port of Mazatlán, in Sinaloa, Mexico. Google it! You’re going to love it!
During my career I specialized in product design, illustration and development, specifically souvenirs, and since 2014 I became a digital nomad. In other words, I can be in a submarine in the middle of the ocean, but with internet access I can design wonders! The distance today is not an obstacle;).

All these years working as a freelancer has opened doors to new worlds and new creative challenges to which I have quickly adapted.

I can highlight 3 positive qualities of me: honesty, speed ( the truth is I am fast hehe) and problem-solving skills. In all projects there is always something that stumbles and that is a challenge, but I do not stop for that and I always look for a way to carry out the projects with an effective time-management.

I invite you to look at my career trajectory on LinkedIn


I can creatively develop everything related to the visual identity of any company. I have a wide set of services focused on illustration and design. Development from the conception of the idea to the final production of the product, delivering the highest level of quality. I can design or refresh the image and communication of any brand, product or service.